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Thrive Wellness Integrated Health Centre is the Vancouver office of Dr. Ian Boonstra, a multidisciplinary clinic in Vancouver offering chiropractic care, as well as registered massage therapy. The clinic is located at Unit #408 - 1788 W. Broadway (on the South East corner of Burrard and Broadway).

Dr. Ian Boonstra provides chiropractic services, soft tissue therapy including myofascial release using Active Release Technique (Spine, Upper and Lower Extremity certified) and Trigenics, gait analysis and custom orthotics.  Dr. Boonstra's energy and focus will allow you to work together to provide you with not only thorough and effective treatment, but also proper education as to the nature of your injury/condition, along with an outline for home rehabilitation and strategies for prevention.

If something is interfering with your ability to enjoy life, 
Dr. Boonstra can help!   

Please call 604-730-0111 to book an appointment or visit our online booking platform at:            

Archived Newsletters and Information Notice
October 14, 2017 - WE'VE LAUNCHED ONLINE BOOKING! We invite you to make your appointments by visiting our online booking platform  at 

August 1, 2017 - Dr. Ian Boonstra and Thrive Wellness have moved to Unit #408 - 1788 W. Broadway (on the South East corner of Burrard and Broadway). 
06/01/2009 - Our June newsletter is now available for download here. Read up on some stretches to improve your golf game, as well as some major changes in office hours for your Vancouver Chiropractor.

05/26/2009 -  Dr. Ian Boonstra will be available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

05/01/2009 - Our May newsletter is now available. Read up on how Kinesiotape can help your many ailments, and about our schedule changes for the month. Also, you are invited to a wine and cheese in June hosted by your Vancouver Chiropractor!

04/07/2009 - Our April newsletter is available. Learn how TCM can help you with your migraines. The upcoming schedule changes for your Vancouver Chiropractor are also listed


03/11/2009 - Our March newsletter is available. Read up on spring cleaning for your body, and see some pictures from the adventures of your Vancouver Chiropractor.

01/28/2009 - Our February newsletter is now available. Learn about the current Year of the Ox and how to maintain your greatest asset - your health! Office schedule changes for your Vancouver Chiropractor are also listed.

01/08/2009 - Our January newsletter is available here. Read up on how to keep healthy in 2009 with the help of your Vancouver Chiropractors.

01/06/2008 - Your Vancouver Chiropractor wishes you a Happy New Year! We are back to regular schedule and are available to help you with any holiday related problems - whether from snow shovel or snow ski!

 12/08/2008 - Our December newsletter can be found here. Read up on how to battle chronic foot pain, and about the holiday schedule of your Vancouver Chiropractor.

11/18/2008 - Are you curious about how your Vancouver Chiropractor can help you? Check out a video produced by the BC Chiropractic Association which can be found here.

11/11/2008 - Your Vancouver Chiropractor will be in the office on November 11th. Call us to book an appointment.

11/04/2008 - Our November newsletter is now available. Click here to read about carpal tunnel in pregnancy, and some changes to our office fees.


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